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Sunday, March 18, 2007

On your mark....Get set.....

Check these two dates on your calendar, everyone—this is one of those “good news/bad news” announcements.

The Good: Tuesday, March 20.

The Bad: Monday, April 9.

If you’re like me, getting the bad news first is always first choice:

Three weeks from tomorrow night, millions of PBS television viewers will be lured into Director Stan Nelson’s Cult Apologist Theatre. And that Orwellian telescreen will bombard them with his weapon of mass deception: “Jonestown: Life and Death of People’s Temple.”

It gets worse. Yes.

A second wave of toxic fallout will be Nelson’s hawking the DVD to anyone that wants “to arrange for an educational screening in your community…” One can only imagine how much more snake oil he and writer/wife Marcia Smith have packed into their perverse meal-on-wheels for every community, everywhere, anytime.

Something of a scourge, modern-day Biblical proportions perhaps? Lord Nelson's revisionist ooze is about to flood family rooms across the nation.

The good news: There’s still time to inoculate your brain—from the radioactive wash.

Alluring it may be, Nelson’s Swiss-cheese version of People’s Temple doesn’t require anything more than a basic historic reality check. This thing is a triumph of style over substance, ridiculously riddled with holes of credibility, continuity, and candor.

That’s why it’s important to be ready two days from now, on Tuesday. Appearing here will be a series of 1972 San Francisco Examiner exposes by my father — this one called “The Prophet Who Raises The Dead”.

One by one, you will finally see how Jim Jones’s criminal enterprise was being uncovered. It started, actually, with a story in the Indianapolis Star, the year earlier. So much time before the 1977 New West expose.

So much time to have been able to rescue all those men, women, children, the toddlers, and the babies, from their years of cult captivity. And from being shipped off to a Guyana Gulag to be slaughtered like cattle.

The massive, collective denial about this must stop, once and for all.

How much longer can virtually all the media, politicians, clergy (especially the Rev. John V. Moore), or anyone else connected with this story continue with the charade? For “documentarian” Nelson, however, it's not enough just to participate in this grand delusion; he takes it up a notch with bizarre notions of a destructive cult's "fulfilled promises." Telling a story in this fashion, with much “assistance” from Becky Moore and Mac McGhee's “Jonestown Institute,” is lying by omission.

According to Nelson and his “New Religious Movement” mentors, the People’s Temple cult, which subjected its members to extortion, beatings, cattle prods, malnutrition, sleep deprivation, and other tortures, actually were “sharing a lot of love” and “equality” in those times. These exposes showed otherwise, all the way back in 1972.

If our then-media editors, and the so-called crusading reporters like Marshall "Pursued 'Em Early & Often" Kilduff, Tim Reiterman, and others had just had the wits and the guts in 1972 to join forces with my father and Indianapolis Star reporter Carolyn Pickering in their fight to stop Jones in 1972, THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A JONESTOWN.

But the Boys on the Bus just reclined and snoozed through 1972, and '73, and '74, and the other years, peaking out their windows as the Temple Train rolled towards the jungle cliff.

Their rewrite, however, rocked.

That, along with our news pundits' catchy little "....drink the Kool-Aide" phrase, seems to keep our current Fourth Estate elites unbothered about such trifling little past boo-boos.

This Tuesday, the light switches back on. Follow it, in spite of that thick fog billowing all around you in this once sacred, self-serving Jonestown Fable Forest.


Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable! PBS is viewed by children! Now this station is being used to brainwash our youth? How? Why? How did they pick it up? Who's decision was it to broadcast this lie? I have always given to our local PBS station but so help me if this is aired I will never give them another red cent! Who can I call or write? This is disgusting.

Tom Kinsolving said...

Yes, unbelievable it is. But once again, the proof positive that the powers-that-be want us "condemned" to repeat history, because they refuse to heed its lessons--per the instructions of that forboding sign in the Jonestown Pavillion.
Here's how you can take direct action, along with every other concerned citizen:
Go to the PBS website, which is: Then find the feedback section and tell it to them!
You can also unload on their "official ombudsman", a Mr. Michael Getler. Call his number and demand he come to the phone to explain this outrage:


This is, after all, OUR public station, isn't it?

And ladies and gentlemen, if Getler or the PBS brass give you the run around--THEN DON'T GIVE THESE CULT APOLOGIST FILM PROMOTERS ANOTHER RED CENT WHEN THEY COME BEGGING.

Anonymous said...

A million thanks. This is first on my to-do list tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I have contacted the PBS. Lets see if it does any good.

Anonymous said... Alot of discussion is going on in regards to this blog on Rose's "Watch Paul" blog. Paul Gallegos is the County of Humboldts DA who hired Tim Stoen as this county's first ADA. Stoen is gone but not until after he wrecked havoc in our county. Gallegos is still here. I am hoping he resigns. He is no better then Stoen or Jim Jones.
Keep up the good work Mr. Kinsolving. Really enjoy your truthful story.