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Friday, January 25, 2008

Question: Active Cults--STILL the best place for psychopaths to dabble??

The marvel of Internet publishing. Who could have imagined 50 years ago the extraordinary freedom everyone now has to connect with the rest of the world?

One of the greatest achievements of the Information Interstate is the demolition of that constrained little world once ruled by self-serving corporate media hacks. For too long, too many of them were corrupted by the power they used to extinguish the corrupt. For too long, this unelected congress of the Fourth Estate dictated the agenda and created their own version of reality.

Like the Newseum, there's more than enough "reality" exhibits to fill up a temple. We could call it, oh, how about "The People's Temple II: Media Atrocities".

At last, this is a real Global Village, with an unfettered 24-hour marketplace of ideas. Now the public can truly interact and become empowered. Big Media Punditry can go furrow their highbrows, and get over it.

And when it comes to village interactions, some are downright luminescent enough to earn a trip from comments section to center stage. This was a recent exchange I had with "Anonymous" reader:

T.K. ".....That's one thing never to be underestimated in the macabre Alice In Wonderland world of the cult apologists: their talent for creative, endless self-delusions--which they want to share generously with an unsuspecting public.

Your first reference of course alludes to the classic "Animal Farm," by one of history's greatest prophet-writers, George Orwell. Comrade Jones would go on and on and on about racial equality and integration, yet oddly enough the little Stalinist's spiritual politburo ("The Planning Commission") was about as Lily White as a pre-civil rights Mississippi county board.

And double the level of evil.

True, also, is the fact that the "free enterprise" exploitation that Jones himself exploited for his own megalomaniacal mission still goes on, e.g., witness the human cost of today's "Globalization."

But Barnum, like Orwell, has been proven correct time and again. The suckers keep on falling for the charades, political, religious, or otherwise. Take a good look at all the hollow, hackneyed rhetoric spewed about by so many of the current candidates hoping to succeed the unquestioned worst president in our history (whose hollow, hackneyed rhetoric makes all else refreshingly poetic.)

Becky Moore and Massimo Introvigne, prominent cult apologists at large.
They're posing at a flying saucer cult's "Star Map" (not making this up.)
Click on "Becky & Massi's Space Cadets" for more info and entertainment.

The day will come, my friend, when that apologist barn door will suddenly spring open and all those chickens will come home to roost.

Cluck, cluck."

Anonymous: "Active cults are still the best place for psychopaths to dabble in their most evil and cruel tortures..."

Scientology high priest Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, who, shall we say, made more than a million clams...

"...all behind a cloak of spiritual open-mindedness. A few apologists still singing the songs and making the bliss ninny noises thirty years after the thing was tragically shut down is just a curious side show. Not a thing of any consequence.

Some of those apologists lost daughters. Sisters. Nephews. They have paid. But they failed to learn what they ought to have learned. Now they teach about "new religions." They let the family members of the modern day recruits suffer the same fate that they suffered.

They've condemned others to suffer the same tragic loss. And there are your chickens."

Warm-and-Fuzzy Cultist Cruise: One good round of sofa boogie and he'll make things perfectly "clear".

"Roosting on the families of all those concerned relatives connected with all the kids in all those groups currently being tracked by Rick Ross and Steve Hassan.

As regards Mr. Orwell, most of us read him and took heed of his dire (and completely accurate) warnings. Others - like Jones and Koresh and Father Divine read his warnings like a blueprint. Like a get rich quick scheme.

The People's Temple criminal enterprise, and others like it, don't just grow up out of the ground. They are crafted and carefully orchestrated.

That lily-white planning commission was discussing the intricacies of setting the trap, controlling the people and stealing their money from day one."

"Anonymous" later gave this afterthought:

"P.S. There is a very conscious reason why I post anonymously. I never wanted a cult in my life. I didn't want it. And when it came, I did not welcome it. My argument is now, and always was, that there are a few minor adjustments that the cult needs to make, and I will simmer down. Open up your books. Stop using brainwashing techniques - giving kids a diet of coca cola until they are so protein deficient they can't think straight. Stuff like that. But of course I was ignored.

So I use the Internet and I use this forum to voice opposition.

But I don't want it in my life. I consciously choose to not do the brave thing that Les Kinsolving did. I chose to stay in the background - fuming. But not making myself a target. These are nasty people, and they don't play nice. And I don't need it in my life.

So I come here, and I voice my opinion, and I speak my truth, and I don't leave my name, and the guy in the next cube doesn't even know I have an opinion. And that is exactly the way I want it. And frankly, I think my right to privacy is respected in our little Republic, and protected. So I'll sign off 'Anonymous' -- again."

It's prudent to be especially vigilant of the right to privacy, in light of the Bush Regime's methodical shredding of our civil liberties. Meanwhile, we suffer with the other plague, destructive cults--lead by their apologist cheerleaders--that continue ruthlessly exploiting "religious rights" in order to rob people of their cognitive, financial, and spiritual freedoms.

The battle rages.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Division And Controversy Roils Construction of Jonestown Memorial Wall

Dr. Jynona Norwood with son, the Rev. Ed Norwood, at Jonestown Memorial Service, Evergreen Cemetery, where controversial wall is planned.

Before sharing the inside story of a People's Temple child who would lose his mother to the cult in California--long before the cyanide mass murder in Guyana--I'd like to share this most recent message from Lela Howard, subject of the last posting.

She first asked me some direct questions, and then followed up with some even more pointed inquiry and outright criticism of the current status quo of the memorial wall project. First, her questions to me:

Q: "Are you concerned with the victims and how their families feel about Peoples Temple, the media's spin on the tragedy and how we (family) have been treated over the years?"

A: Quite obviously I am concerned, and that is why this blog came to be. I'm both saddened and outraged. Sad for the men, women, and children that fell victim to cult enslavement, one of those super destructive cults that resulted in mass murder. The media's "spin", as I've repeatedly said, is deceptive and deplorable. They owe you a voice, not a twisted echo.

Q: "Are you concerned about those family and survivors who are still so afraid to speak about Peoples Temple or their relatives who perished, because of the salacious, scandalous manner the media, press, etc., has made a joke out of the deaths?"

A: Any of them, from bottom feeding shock jocks like Howard Stern to glib, ignorant news reporters, who would make "fun" out of a mass murder, deserve censure. This is why it is so important to educate the public about the dynamics of how cults DESTROY independent spirit, thought, action, and defenseless children.

Q: "Are you more concerned with getting those who disassociated themselves after giving Jim Jones the power to create Jonestown, acquire the poison and allow him to rise to 'fame'? Because if so, those individuals are still around the political circuit and have not (to my knowledge) answered the tough questions. (Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they never fathomed the horrors of November 18, 1978 and probably feel loads of guilt.)"

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown reacted to the news of the mass murder of over 900 people that "he has not regrets" over his past association with Jones and the People's Temple. Brown also mentioned he would not try to dissociate himself like so many other politicians were, claiming "They all like to say, 'Forgive me, I was wrong', but that's bulls--t. It doesn't mean a thing now, it just isn't relevant."

A: Such a sizable, sleazy population of culprits, Lela. Temple Untouchables like politician Willie Brown, preacher John Moore, and Examiner editor Charles Gould played important parts in the reckless creation of the Jim Jones Frankenstein. All the cult cheer leaders still with us clearly have neither the morality or courage to publicly admit to their aiding & abetting. They refuse to apologize to you, and all the other relatives who lost their loved ones. Don't let them forget that you know they're still hiding in their vast swamp of denial.

Lela then opened up about the impending memorial wall, and some deep concerns (which today's media, surprise, surprise--has ignored.)

"A memorial wall at Oakland cemetery is great!" she wrote, "But I thought money was collected for that many years ago--what happened to those funds? It seems as if there's an unnecessary competition in regards to memorials for the victims, which takes away from the focal point of remembering them.

This makes me very sad and confused, because this separates us or leans towards a school yard 'choosing sides' type of mentality, instead of family and survivors coming together and honoring our loved ones. It's more about the living and their egos, rather than those who perished...very, very, very sad.

The latter I understand you can't answer, or maybe you can....ask around, use your platform to correct the wrong and continuous wrong doings."

The current wall project is being administered by the "Cherishing The Children/Guyana Tribute Foundation," headed by Dr. Jynona Norwood, who is CEO. Norwood, pictured at the beginning of this post, lost 27 family members in the massacre.

"Although the donations have come in slowly over the years," says Norwood on her official website, "the monies, which remain in escrow for the Cherishing the Children Healing Memorial Wall,
still continue to gain interest. Senator Dianne Feinstein appointed the late police psychologist, Dr. Chris Hatcher, to the surviving families for counseling.

Dr. Hatcher became the first signature on the memorial wall bank account, along with former Human Rights Commissioner, Rev. Eugene Lumpkin. Rev. Lumpkin was appointed by then-Mayor Frank Jordan as our liaison to San Francisco City Hall. Dr. Hatcher and Rev. Lumpkin joined me as we opened the Jonestown Memorial Wall Fund with our own money.

We have always had four signatures on our bank account. Also, it is mandatory that two signatures are required in order to remove any funds from the account. The Jonestown Memorial Wall Fund account is always available for public viewing.

We are not a part of any other groups who are collecting monies for any type of memorial in the name of the Jonestown victims.

The staff remains vigilant in their efforts to erect the wall, which will have a three-fold purpose: To honor the sanctity of the innocent lives that were lost; to raise public awareness that you never give up your ability to think for yourself; and to question everyone and everything!"