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Friday, January 25, 2008

Question: Active Cults--STILL the best place for psychopaths to dabble??

The marvel of Internet publishing. Who could have imagined 50 years ago the extraordinary freedom everyone now has to connect with the rest of the world?

One of the greatest achievements of the Information Interstate is the demolition of that constrained little world once ruled by self-serving corporate media hacks. For too long, too many of them were corrupted by the power they used to extinguish the corrupt. For too long, this unelected congress of the Fourth Estate dictated the agenda and created their own version of reality.

Like the Newseum, there's more than enough "reality" exhibits to fill up a temple. We could call it, oh, how about "The People's Temple II: Media Atrocities".

At last, this is a real Global Village, with an unfettered 24-hour marketplace of ideas. Now the public can truly interact and become empowered. Big Media Punditry can go furrow their highbrows, and get over it.

And when it comes to village interactions, some are downright luminescent enough to earn a trip from comments section to center stage. This was a recent exchange I had with "Anonymous" reader:

T.K. ".....That's one thing never to be underestimated in the macabre Alice In Wonderland world of the cult apologists: their talent for creative, endless self-delusions--which they want to share generously with an unsuspecting public.

Your first reference of course alludes to the classic "Animal Farm," by one of history's greatest prophet-writers, George Orwell. Comrade Jones would go on and on and on about racial equality and integration, yet oddly enough the little Stalinist's spiritual politburo ("The Planning Commission") was about as Lily White as a pre-civil rights Mississippi county board.

And double the level of evil.

True, also, is the fact that the "free enterprise" exploitation that Jones himself exploited for his own megalomaniacal mission still goes on, e.g., witness the human cost of today's "Globalization."

But Barnum, like Orwell, has been proven correct time and again. The suckers keep on falling for the charades, political, religious, or otherwise. Take a good look at all the hollow, hackneyed rhetoric spewed about by so many of the current candidates hoping to succeed the unquestioned worst president in our history (whose hollow, hackneyed rhetoric makes all else refreshingly poetic.)

Becky Moore and Massimo Introvigne, prominent cult apologists at large.
They're posing at a flying saucer cult's "Star Map" (not making this up.)
Click on "Becky & Massi's Space Cadets" for more info and entertainment.

The day will come, my friend, when that apologist barn door will suddenly spring open and all those chickens will come home to roost.

Cluck, cluck."

Anonymous: "Active cults are still the best place for psychopaths to dabble in their most evil and cruel tortures..."

Scientology high priest Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, who, shall we say, made more than a million clams...

"...all behind a cloak of spiritual open-mindedness. A few apologists still singing the songs and making the bliss ninny noises thirty years after the thing was tragically shut down is just a curious side show. Not a thing of any consequence.

Some of those apologists lost daughters. Sisters. Nephews. They have paid. But they failed to learn what they ought to have learned. Now they teach about "new religions." They let the family members of the modern day recruits suffer the same fate that they suffered.

They've condemned others to suffer the same tragic loss. And there are your chickens."

Warm-and-Fuzzy Cultist Cruise: One good round of sofa boogie and he'll make things perfectly "clear".

"Roosting on the families of all those concerned relatives connected with all the kids in all those groups currently being tracked by Rick Ross and Steve Hassan.

As regards Mr. Orwell, most of us read him and took heed of his dire (and completely accurate) warnings. Others - like Jones and Koresh and Father Divine read his warnings like a blueprint. Like a get rich quick scheme.

The People's Temple criminal enterprise, and others like it, don't just grow up out of the ground. They are crafted and carefully orchestrated.

That lily-white planning commission was discussing the intricacies of setting the trap, controlling the people and stealing their money from day one."

"Anonymous" later gave this afterthought:

"P.S. There is a very conscious reason why I post anonymously. I never wanted a cult in my life. I didn't want it. And when it came, I did not welcome it. My argument is now, and always was, that there are a few minor adjustments that the cult needs to make, and I will simmer down. Open up your books. Stop using brainwashing techniques - giving kids a diet of coca cola until they are so protein deficient they can't think straight. Stuff like that. But of course I was ignored.

So I use the Internet and I use this forum to voice opposition.

But I don't want it in my life. I consciously choose to not do the brave thing that Les Kinsolving did. I chose to stay in the background - fuming. But not making myself a target. These are nasty people, and they don't play nice. And I don't need it in my life.

So I come here, and I voice my opinion, and I speak my truth, and I don't leave my name, and the guy in the next cube doesn't even know I have an opinion. And that is exactly the way I want it. And frankly, I think my right to privacy is respected in our little Republic, and protected. So I'll sign off 'Anonymous' -- again."

It's prudent to be especially vigilant of the right to privacy, in light of the Bush Regime's methodical shredding of our civil liberties. Meanwhile, we suffer with the other plague, destructive cults--lead by their apologist cheerleaders--that continue ruthlessly exploiting "religious rights" in order to rob people of their cognitive, financial, and spiritual freedoms.

The battle rages.


Rose said...

You have far, far more to fear from the "progressive" left in terms of censored speech of Animal Farm proportions. Just try speaking out against them and see the difference between that and what happens when you criticize Bush.

Tom Kinsolving said...

Do I somehow get the impression that you might very well not be a diehard registered Democrat, Rose? Hmmmm. Well, okay, yes it is a fact that Orwell's nightmarish stories evolved from a political model of "left" rather than "right" evil. In the final analysis, however, any form of tyranny--left-wing, middle-wing, right-wing--that goes flying off with chunks of your civil liberties, must be deplored and defeated. The media elite that deliberately distorts the news carry the same kind of toxic baggage as the political elite.
Among the government policy makers, there's an infinite supply of self-described "Conservatives" and "Progressives", past and present, that reek from swimming in their own custom-designed cesspools of hypocrisy & corruption. What it comes down to, however, is just how long they remain submerged, and exactly how much wholesale damage their "special interests" will inflict on this nation's men, women, and children.
In the case of these last seven years of asphyxiation from this burnt Bush, I'd wager that naming the lesser of the two evils is a no-brainer.
Not to be confused, Rose, with the No Brainer currently entrenched in the White House! :}

Peter said...

Congrads to annonymous,

If I can help in any way with your vids, I'd be happy to.

Peter Daley

Nick Drake said...

"With or without religion, good people will do good, and evil people will do evil. But for good people to do evil, that takes religion."

Steven Weinberg

Tom Kinsolving said...

The frequently blood-soaked landscape of history certainly does provide much evidence of that. Religion of course takes on so many, many different manifestations, as we see in the wide servings from the cult cornicopia--"spiritual cults", "political cults", "self-improvement cults", "get-rich-quick cults"....the list just never ends.
Good people do get taken in by the grand manipulators and deceivers all too often, and soon the "enticement" bears its coercive fangs, as we saw with the Jim Jones Mob. But what makes it all the more appalling are those shameless wonders today that continue to make excuses for such evil, e.g. "There WAS love and good works in the Temple!".....the "love" and "good works", that featured extortion, fraud, sado-masochism, and brain-washing.
Denial--a great pillow for the apologists to sleep on at night.

Anonymous said...

Fascism. How do you get a man to strap a bomb to his chest and walk into a public square? Fascism. How do you kill a president in broad daylight and keep a lucrative government military contract? Fascism. How do you turn a normal young man into a skinhead? Fascism. How do you convert a northern California town into a cult? Fascism. What is the greatest tool and training ground for the techniques of Fascism? Cults. Why do you think they don't want you to figure out how to destroy them? Because they are not patriots. They are fascists. And they have killed the Constitution, and freedom, and our Republic.

Anonymous said...

The ignorance of Christians may have been tolerable in the middle ages when there was one hand-written, ruby-studded book chained to a desk in the bowels of the Cathederal, and no body could read it anyway.

But come on.

This was 1972 man. The Gideons had long since left a copy in every nightstand. It is not that long or complicated a text. The story is rather straightforward.

Jesus led a small cadre of followers through and to the direct experience of God, and he was washing their feet with his hair. And feeding them with loaves and fish.

How does harvesting the easy pickings of old people and their social security checks compare with what Jesus Christ did?

Anyone? Lutherans? Methodists? Baptists? Anyone?

Where was Jesus's church while all this was going on? Les? Did you hear from anyone claiming to represent the gospels while this circus huckster was taking over city hall?

Tom Kinsolving said...

Yes, indeed, and that is an excellent question that should be posed again and again and again, until the spineless wonders stop running away from it. The media boneheads and flimflam politicians were bad enough, but to have had clergy, high-ranking at that, put this cult beast up on a pedestal was beyond atocious. Those glowing testimonials from "Godly Men," such as Dr. Karl Irvin, regional president of the Disciples of Christ, helped Jim Jones shanghai 900 men, women, and children into oblivion.
Irvin, a top dog Disciple of Christ, wrote this in a little love letter to Jones in fall, 1973: "Friend Jim....You are so often in my thoughts. Your work, your people--how fine a ministry you prayer for you is for understanding, for strength, for power....Thanks for the recent $1,500.00 check designated for use in Reconciliation. Your continued financial support of our Brotherhood ministry is truly exemplary."
Perhaps Irvin has long since gone on to his final "reward", like many of the other guilty parties. But his jubilation is obvious in being a beneficiary of The Honorary Temple Extortion Slush Fund.
Moreover, there's no doubting the gratitude from the rest of those upright "Disciples," who must have raised their wine goblets high over the $1.1 million in Temple payoffs, from 1966-78.
Will just one of them ever regain a semblance of conscience and find the courage to make amends to the families of all those people senselessly obliterated that dark day in 1978?
Judging from the current track record, I'm certain it'll continue being a long wait for this day of atonement.

Anonymous said...

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