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Monday, November 7, 2011

Bracing For A Grim Anniversary And, Now, With A Mass Murderer On The Memorial

Got another candidate for official memorial status.

This fellow, in fact, had some things in common with Jim Jones.  Both, very dynamic leaders.  And true believers in social change.  Dedicated as hell and more than willing to, as the saying goes, "crack a few eggs to make that [socialist] omelette."

And both of 'em took radical steps to gettin' things done their way.

This one, of course, was the original Stalinist.  But James Warren Jones loved his style and really dug Uncle Joe's politics.  So much so that, besides injecting totalitarianism into the People's Temple cult, "Dad" Jim held regular Russian language lessons at Jonestown.

Like Jones, Stalin had a bloodthirsty side, on the kind of scale one would expect from the murderous dictator of an imprisoned nation.  The early '30's Ukranian Famine, known as the "Holodymor," was one of his big successes.  Killing by withholding food is a convenient form of slaughter although much less prompt than the "revolutionary suicide" of cyanide.

Anyone that knows Stalin's story should really appreciate what an abused child he was and the terrible conditions that he grew up under.  He basically went more insane as time progressed.  Like his protégé, Rev. Jones, the Man of Steel would surely qualify for "victimhood" too, alongside his victims.  And why not?

Which is precisely why this Kiev memorial to the Ukranian Massacre should have some added inscription that also honors the long-suffering Stalin.  Right?  Yeah, there might be a few Ukranians that would object.  But they'll just have to understand that the only way to really heal is to include all the victims in such tragedies, in what ever form they might take. 

Of course, the funds to modify this memorial could come from an "anonymous source," since disclosure of the source of such an act could prove awkward.  Just carry it out nice and surreptitiously, as did the Peoples Temple boosters when they incorporated the predator with his prey once again.
Which reminds me of a recent question by reader Stephanie Clare who demanded this secret donor come clean, especially in light of the searing controversy of memorializing a psychotic that orchestrated mass murder.

"I'd love to know the anonymous person who donated the money for this sick memorial to Jones," said Clare. "Why won't they give their name? Are they ashamed of themselves?" 
A lot of us are wondering the same thing.  Unfortunately the same mass media that failed so abysmally to stop Jones and his cult assassins in all the years they operated in California is behaving likewise today--doing nothing to investigate.

So exactly who showed the money, then?
Jim Jones, Jr.?
Fielding "Mac" McGehee?
Rebecca "Becky" Moore?

John Cobb?
The three men pictured here, Jones, Jr., McGehee, and Cobb, make up the muscle of the "Jonestown Memorial Fund," while Becky serves as their most able and lettered cult apologist, exploiting her  religious studies professorship at San Diego State Univ.

When this travesty of a memorial was unveiled last May, the mass murderer's adopted son reasoned that his father was a "victim of his own madness," hence, an "inclusive" monument.

"We are concerned that our relatives be remembered," claimed Jones, Jr. "We are not thinking about who caused it and what happened after 32 years."


Selective memory and revisionism is a neat trick, albeit sometimes with some very dirty consequences.  "Not thinking" about the cause behind the effect that resulted in a mass homocide is the kind of risky business that drives the wheels of history repeating itself, over and over again.

Rev. Jynona Norwood and son Ed
at the original memorial stone
Jynona Norwood, who lost a staggering number of relatives--27-- to this murderous cult has a more realistic view on this obscene apologist memorial that she's battling as the anniversary gets closer.  "It's like putting Hitler's name on a memorial for the Jewish community," she said.

Or, of course, Stalin's name on a memorial for the Ukranians.

Let this perversity come to an end.  Remove that mass murderer's name.

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